Reorganizing the Office of Comptroller to Serve the People

In 2018, when Wadleigh, a beloved Harlem public school for the arts, was slated for partial closure after receiving extra taxpayer funding, Brian wanted to know what had happened. He demanded to know how the money was spent and what metrics were used to determine that the school should close. After conversations with parents, teachers, and agency officials, Brian proposed a collaborative innovative solution that saved the school - protecting both taxpayers’ investment and Harlem students’ dreams for their future. Wadleigh is now thriving.

Brian will bring this same solution-oriented focus to the Office of Comptroller. Your priorities will be his north star as he leads the more than 700 staff through audits, contracts, asset management, and more. On day one, Brian will reorganize the staff to ensure that every action of the office leads to real and tangible progress, appointing Assistant Comptrollers for Education, Public Safety and Housing & Economic Development. These empowered deputies will follow a specific model for achieving positive results in their issue areas: identify problems, audit/investigate, craft recommendations, form advocacy efforts and finally implement solutions.

This new organization of the office will focus on results that matter to New Yorkers, and will foster the interdepartmental and interagency cooperation that is necessary for real success. With the work being led and measured not only by senior staff from departments like the Bureau of Audit, Contract Administration, or Asset Management but also by staff with a full time dedication to enacting your priorities across disciplines and departments, New Yorkers can rest assured that the team Brian is leading will deliver real results that lead to a more equitable, just, and affordable city.

“I will create new staff appointments that will take the Office of Comptroller in a new direction - one that makes the most fundamental concerns in New Yorkers’ daily life our top priority.”