Brian’s Plans for the Office of Comptroller

Brian’s Plans for the Office of Comptroller

The New York City Comptroller is the chief financial officer and chief auditor of city agencies and their performance and spending. The Comptroller’s office handles the city’s most complex financial issues, so the next Comptroller needs to have the experience in finance, investing and budget management. On day one, New York City’s next Comptroller will need to direct the seven hundred professional staff that make up the office, including accountants, auditors, financial attorneys, investment advisors, and investment managers, and have a vision for the financial future of the city to direct their work. Much of the work the office does is charter-mandated, and it will take an expert to hold this work to high standards, but moving the city to the next point on its fiscal journey towards equity will also happen in the significant discretionary power of the office. With an experienced financial expert at the helm, the comptroller can use the office to shape a fairer future for New York City.

Brian Benjamin is an experienced financial manager with the background and vision to lead the city through financial issues it might face, including the fallout from the COVID-19 pandemic. As we emerge into a post- pandemic economy, we cannot take a risk on an inexperienced candidate.

Brian’s qualifications to serve in this critical role include:

Brian is running for Comptroller with two goals in mind–to maximize the pension returns for New York’s retirees, and to use the powers of the office to create a fairer New York City. To that end, Brian has built this platform during the course of the campaign to show New Yorkers how he will handle powers and responsibilities that come with serving as Comptroller. Significantly, this platform can all be accomplished with the powers vested in the office of the comptroller.This is not a wishlist or a platform for a would-be mayor, this is a set of plans based in Brian’s experience as a financial manager, his knowledge of what the city needs to recover and become more equitable, and the unique powers of the office he is running for.

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