Brian’s Plans for the Office of Comptroller

The Office of Comptroller of New York City is the chief financial officer and chief auditor of the city agencies and their performance and spending. The Office handles the city’s most complex financial issues, so the next Comptroller needs to have the experience in finance, investing, and managing budgets to get the job done.

Brian is an experienced financial manager with the skills and background to handle any issue the city might face, and as we emerge into a post-pandemic economy, we cannot take a risk on an inexperienced candidate. Brian’s qualifications to serve in this critical role include:

Brian is running for Comptroller with two goals in mind - to maximize the pension returns for New York’s retirees, and to use the powers of the office to create important change that benefits all New Yorkers. To that end, Brian has released several plans during the course of the campaign to show New Yorkers how he will handle powers and responsibilities that come with serving as Comptroller.

Learn more about Brian’s plans for New York: